Spectrum Borland Sabre



Borland Racing Developments is pleased to confirm that Caleb Rayner has walked away from a heavy collision in the second Formula Ford race at Albert Park last weekend. Caleb was taken directly from the circuit to the Alfred Hospital where he underwent a thorough examination and scanning process. At approximately 8.00 pm, he was informed that the scans revealed a hairline fracture to the L1 vertebrae which did not warrant hospital admission or treatment and he was allowed to go home. The chassis, racing harness and HANS device worked to protect Caleb and dissipate the impact energy. Importantly, he has sustained no injury to his feet, legs or neck.

It is expected that he will be stiff and sore over the next few weeks due to the heavy impact in the accident which occurred as a result of contact he received from a following competitor. Caleb and his family are looking forward to rebuilding their car for the next round at Queensland Raceway.

“I would like to thank all of my friends and fellow competitors who have contacted us and Borland Racing to see how I am,” said Caleb. “I can tell you all that I am sore, but happy to be up and about after such a big hit. I’d also like to thank Mike (Borland) for the brilliant Spectrum chassis which performed so well in protecting me during the impact with the concrete wall,” he commented.


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