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Fabrication Services



BRD’s wealth of experience in racing car design and manufacture positions it uniquely to provide specialist fabrication services to the motor racing industry. From end to end design and construction of your project, through to manufacturing components to your design or recreating parts that are out of production and/or not readily available, BRD has the capacity to support you in getting your car on track!


BRD has jigs to manufacture Van Dieman parts from 1986 onwards, as well as any parts unique to your car.







DAYTONA Sports Cars

In the late 1990's, MoTeC founding director Richard Bendell began work on the development of a road going sports car inspired by the mid sixties Ford Cobra Daytona Coupe. Borland Racing Developments Pty Ltd was commissioned to build the prototype and develop the chassis for production.

BRD continues to provide fabrication services to the project, with the assembly carried out by each car’s owner, under supervision at Daytona Sports Cars' Dromana factory. Information can be found at www.daytonasportscars.com.au or by phoning +61 (0)3 5987 0960.








BRD has the capacity to repair and manufacture components for many sports and racing cars. One of the more famous marques in sports car racing is Ferrari and BRD has manufactured a range of components including fabricated uprights, exhaust system parts, steering hubs and quick release couplings, assorted machined clevises and various fabricated brackets.





Clubman Sports CarClubman_Exhaust

The clubman sports car is the iconic weekend road and track car, harking back to the original Lotus Seven. These cars are incredibly popular and BRD has been able to offer fabrication services to enthusiasts across a range of parts. Most notably, BRD has made exhaust systems from headers only, through to complete systems for road and/or track use.





Chassis Fabrication

RMIT_chassisThe growing involvement of schools, universities and other organisations in competitions requiring them to design and construct racing cars has seen BRD provide specialist services as a contractor in support of these projects. BRD has been engaged in areas ranging from design consultant through to fabrication of chassis and other components as designed by the teams.






Shock Absorber Service

As an evolution of its ongoing shock absorber development program for the Spectrum Formula Ford, BRD has in house shock absorber dyno and rebuild capability. BRD can assist with development, servicing and rebuilding of a range of shock absorbers to suit your racing requirements.





Historic Restoration

The growing popularity of historic racing has seen some truly remarkable cars being brought back into competition. Many of these cars have not seen light of day for a number of years and have required significant restorative work prior to being race worthy. Others require remedial attention as a result of heated battle. In either case, BRD has the knowledge, skills and passion to restore these wonderful cars to their former glory and manufacture various components as required.




Lola T330



Purchased by Peter Brennan, Lola T330 HV 18 came to BRD for a new tub and various fabrication services.




Derek McDougall’s lovely TIGA SC83 Sports 2000 racer came to BRD following a heavy impact with a tyre wall. What started out as a repair quickly evolved into a full restoration as the damaged parts were stripped away to reveal previous “cut and shut” repairs and a host of battle weary parts. TIGA

While BRD got to work on repairing and reskinning the tub, Derek located new body panels and rewired the car. The rewiring was a blast from the past for Derek, who had subcontracted to TIGA Cars in England as an auto electrician when the factory built their Le Mans racing cars.

Now that the restoration is complete, Derek’s SC83 is a stunning example of the TIGA Sports 2000 racer. The car sees regular competitive use at historic racing events across Australia. BRD has jigs to make wishbones and other parts for the growing number of TIGA Sports 2000 racing cars competing in historic racing.





CHEVRON B40/42Chevron_B40/42

When Peter Whelan acquired his Chevron B40 Formula Atlantic car and began a complete restoration, BRD was engaged to carry out repairs and restorative works to the tub, chassis and ancillary brackets and braces. Chassis number B42-78-01 is most famous for its win in the 1977 Macau Grand Prix, driven by Riccardo Patrese. It is to this livery that Peter has returned this beautiful car.






Raced by Noel Hall in the early sixties, this car was involved in a 120 mph crash at Lakeside Raceway in 1964. It did not race again and was unrepaired until Richard Bendell acquired the car almost 40 years later. The car was delivered to BRD to carry out complete repairs and restoration. This car is representative of an important part of Australia’s motor racing heritage and BRD is proud to be involved in its resurrection.





ELFIN 620Elfin_620

The Elfin 620 Formula Ford is from the first few years of the category’s introduction to Australia. Given the strong association that Borland Racing Developments has with Formula Ford in the modern era, it was a great pleasure to be entrusted with the restoration of Bob Morrow’s car in the late 1990s.








March 77B

Brian Sampson has owned a number of beautiful and historically significant racing cars.  Even against these lofty standard, his March 77B Formula Atlantic stands out as one of the most stunning.  Brian has a long association with Mike Borland, having raced Cheetah Formula Two cars as part of the factory team founded by Mike's uncle, Brian Shead.March_77B


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