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Early on Sunday morning, while most of us were either sleeping or making an attempt at preparing Mum a breakfast in bed, CAMS Rising Star Jake Chapman was doing his bit to raise funds for breast cancer research and wish a Happy Mothers’ Day to his Mum and Mums all around the country. Jake joined around 50,000 people Australia wide who participated in the annual Mothers’ Day Classic charity fun run; Jake elected to run the more challenging eight kilometre course around Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens.

‘It’s great to be able to run in an event like this,’ Jake said. ‘Improving your fitness levels requires a lot of training and it gives you that extra motivation when you know you’re contributing to such a good cause. I’ve learned today that breast cancer affects one in eight women in Australia, so there would be very few people in the country who have not had to deal with this in some way; either directly or indirectly,’ he added.

The charity fun run was not an official CAMS Rising Star event, but rather something that Jake chose to do. ‘We’re very fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue a career in motor racing,’ commented Jake. ‘I think it is important to remember that and to do something to help people in the community who are less fortunate,’ he concluded.

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