Spectrum Borland Sabre



Borland Racing Developments is proud to release the first public photographs of its latest Formula Ford, the Spectrum 012. The 12th evolution of the marque represents a significant investment of resources by the Melbourne company, including a revision to its Spectrum logo.

“This is without doubt the most development effort that has gone into a new model,” said the car’s designer, Michael Borland. “We have reviewed literally every aspect of the previous model in bringing the Spectrum 012 to market. Anything that could be done to reduce weight, lower the centre of gravity or minimise the polar moment has been explored. Even the new logo is lighter and printed on thinner vinyl!” he added.

The 012 is the culmination of more than two years of research and development, which has included chassis rig testing and draws on the results of wind tunnel analysis carried out in the UK. All of the changes and modifications have been verified by rigorous real world trials before being incorporated into the final design.

“From a sales perspective, it would have been nice to have the car out for the Christmas buying spree!” joked BRD’s sales and marketing consultant, Paul Zsidy. “But the plan with the 012 was to maximise the development phase, which meant that right up to Christmas we were conducting track testing. Since the completion of the 2009 season at Surfers’ in late October, we have logged a combined total of more than 30 test days across five cars and drivers and four circuits. That represents around 10,000 kms of running,” he explained.

The enthusiasm within BRD for the 012 project spread to one of its long standing, key technical partners in Penske Racing Shocks. Latest developments from the USA have been sent to Australia for evaluation, with Penske staff attending test days to assist with tuning and developing the damper package.

Whilst pre season testing has yielded very pleasing results, the factory team is well aware that the Australian Formula Ford Championship is one of the most competitive racing series anywhere in the World. They know they face quality opposition and hard work in the season ahead, but with the Spectrum 012 they are quietly confident of strong results.


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