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Jesse Fenech, the reigning Victorian Formula Ford 1600 Champion, has added the 2010 Victorian Formula Ford Championship Series to his list of motor racing achievements. Fenech has been the pace setter in the Kool Trailers Spectrum 011d, particularly at the final two rounds of the season.



“It’s an awesome feeling to have backed up my 2009 FF1600 Championship with the Formula Ford Championship Series win this year,” Jesse said. “I want to thank my Dad (Andy) for all of his help and support. He’s always been my mechanic, right from my karting days and he just works non stop to get me to every race. I also want to thank the guys at BRD for their help. The Spectrum is such a good car, whether you’re a beginner or experienced. It’s really easy and predictable to drive when you start out and just so quick once you start learning how to get the most out of it,” he added.

Jesse attributes much of his success this year to the driver coaching he received from Tim Macrow. “Tim has been so good for my driving. All year we’ve been going through the data and seeing what I need to work on. When we get that right, then we work on the next thing. In testing before the last Winton round, it kinda clicked for me and I suddenly went half a second quicker!” Jesse enthused.

Spectrum designer Mike Borland praised Jesse for his efforts throughout the season. “Jesse has had the right attitude from the start of last year when he ran the Spectrum 010 FF1600. He listens to what he’s told and tries to do what you ask him on track. The driver coaching part of it is really important; I can go through the data and tell the drivers exactly what they need to do, but I can’t relate that to them as a driver in terms of HOW to do it. That’s where Justin (Cotter) was so good when we had him working for us in 2005-2007. When he set up his own team (Synergy Motorsport) in 2008, we lost the best Formula Ford driver coach around. When Tim was available for this year, we had him work at a couple of test days and he was fantastic. I don’t want to get drawn into arguments on who’s better out of the two, but we definitely have the two best driver coaches in the country available to us and our Spectrum drivers!” said Borland.

Macrow joined Mike in his support of Jesse. “It’s really cool to work with someone like Jess. He understands that he’s learning and stays focussed on where he needs to improve. We haven’t touched the car all year; we sit in the truck looking at data for an hour and work out the car’s fine where it is; Jess just has a couple more things to work on. Not many people realise how little driving he’s done, because he doesn’t have a massive budget for testing; and he knocks out a time in qualifying that would have missed pole at the National round by 0.01 seconds!” said Tim.

Jesse now gets back to the task of securing the support he needs to step up to the Australian Championship. BRD congratulates him on his win this year and looks forward to working with him again in 2011.

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